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Get your Fastway e2 Hitch with Mid-State RV today! With a Fastway e2 hitch, you will experience less hassles, more vacation time, and better towing!

Fastway e2 hitches are faster and easier to use than the older chain style hitches. With an e2 hitch, hitching and unhitching your RV is less complicated, with nothing extra to connect or store! No fuss towing is available! Never worry about removing sway control add-ons again!

What makes Fastway e2 so much better? Instead of using having spring arms swinging back and forth at the bottom of a chain, the e2 hitch's spring arms rest on top of a bare metal rigid bracket. This creates two steel on steel friction points which resist side-to-side trailer movement. This design provides built-in sway control! Be sure to call and set up your appointment at Mid-State RV today and get hassle-free sway control with the e2 hitch tomorrow!

Monthly Specials For April

Fastway E2, 12,000 lbs Trunnion Hitch
Fastway E2, 12,000 lbs Trunnion Hitch
$520.00  $489.00
Save: 6% off